Is your cannabis in the phase of flowering? Follow these tips

Written by on 29 August, 2022

Like every cannabis grower, you want your marijuana plantation to develop in the best possible way, so you can finally enjoy delicious buds once they are manicured, dried and cured.

Well, the truth is that after so much effort, the best reward is a good harvest, so it is very important to take care of your growing. If you are a novice in these matters, it is very important that you have in mind that the cannabis plants, before being ready for the harvest, pass through diverse stages, and one of these is the stage of flowering.

Precisely, in this opportunity we will give you 3 advices that you must take in account so that your plants of cannabis fulfill successfully the stage of flowering:

1) Give it specific care

The stage of flowering of the marijuana takes place after the vegetative stage. In this phase, the plant of cannabis devotes its energy in the production of heads or seeds of cannabis (in case the plant has been pollinated).

Many growers consider the stage of flowering as the most important; perhaps it is because it is there that the fruits of their efforts begin to be seen. However, although you begin to see that your plants begin to flow, keep in mind that your work is not yet finished, and that for this stage to be carried out successfully, it is necessary to give it a special attention.

Although it is certain, that the marijuana plants require many cares throughout their growth, a mistake that usually makes many growers of cannabis, is not to give the necessary care to the plant according to the phase of life in which this one is.

In this sense, if you want the period of flowering to be fulfilled without inconveniences, it is very important to make sure that the conditions of the environment during this period are the suitable ones. For example, the plants of cannabis in their vegetative stage require 18 hours of light and 6 of darkness, whereas in the one of flowering the regime must be 12/12, therefore, it is necessary to adapt the cycles of illumination.

As you did during the vegetative stage, you will have to continue controlling factors like the temperature, the nutrition and the pH, among others, but this time, focused to the demands of the period of flowering.

2) Beware of male plants

During the beginning of the period of flowering, it is very important that you observe closely your plants. If you notice the presence of male plants in your growing, it is very important that you take action; otherwise, they will end up pollinating the females, which will result in the production of seeds instead of buds.

It is also necessary to watch out for hermaphrodite plants, which are female plants that develop male plant parts, as they could also pollinate your growing.

3) Avoid stress

Negative stress in cannabis plants can generally occur when environmental conditions are unfavorable. In the stage of flowering, it is fundamental to avoid it at all costs, since it can cause diverse problems that could put in risk your harvest, and one of these disadvantages is precisely, the hermaphroditism.

On the other hand, in the flowering stage there are those who indicate that it is not convenient to perform pruning techniques, nor the use of chemical pesticides and fungicides.

Final considerations

The duration of the stage of flowering of the cannabis, depends on the genetics of the plant. So inform yourself well about the variety you are going to use to avoid making mistakes.

Anyway, during all the phases of life of the cannabis, it tries to avoid the appearance of plagues, deficiencies and nutritional excesses, among others.





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