Is the cold totally negative for my cannabis plants?

Written by on 25 May, 2021

If you have been growing your own weed for some time you have probably heard that low temperatures can bring negative consequences for your marijuana flowers.

Well, the truth is that excessive cold can be quite harmful for your girls, one of the drawbacks that causes is that their metabolism slows down and this causes the root system does not develop properly and the assimilation of nutrients decreases, it can also cause your plants to produce very small buds, but is the cold totally negative? Keep reading this post, we will tell you about it.

Positive effects of cold on marijuana plants

The cold is not always negative for Mary flowers, because in stages such as the flowering period you can take advantage, because at that time, low temperatures can encourage the creation of more resin.

Also, some growers claim that the cold helps maintain a high terpene content and can lead to more aromatic flowers.

Also, thanks to the cold conditions during the last weeks of flowering some plants change the color of their leaves and offer you very showy and eye-catching flowers with dark purple, red or blue shades.

Final considerations

As you may have noticed, the cold can be positive in several occasions, however, it is very important to keep the temperatures in your plantation under control to avoid future problems.

Avoid temperatures below 12°C as your girls run the risk of ending up dead. Some growers advise not to allow temperatures to drop below 18-20°C.

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