Is it worth growing autoflowering marijuana?

Written by on 4 February, 2022

Autoflowering marijuana strains are quite popular among cannabis growers because they are usually easy to grow and handle.

Some wonder if growing autoflowering marijuana is worth it, if you are one of them, then review in this article the advantages and disadvantages offered by this type of so that you can draw your conclusions.

Advantages of autoflowering strains 

Autoflowering cannabis plants are characterized by being small and compact, which makes them quite managed to grow in grow rooms without so much space.

Outdoors these varieties could grow a little more than indoors, but they are still small compared to other types of cannabis. Autoflowering strains are perfect for growers who want to be discreet.

These strains also grow quickly. For the most part, these plants finish their entire cycle, including the vegetative and flowering phase, in as little as 10-11 weeks.

If you have little patience to wait for your marijuana plants to take about 5 months or 20 weeks to harvest buds, then autoflowering plants are what you are looking for.

Also, since autoflowering plants are compact, you can fit several plants in the same space, but don’t overdo it. Plan your grow well and make the most of the space available.

Disadvantages of growing autoflowering strains 

Many growers choose to clone the varieties they like, but autoflowering strains are not very conducive to cuttings.

Take into account that this type of strains grow very fast and flower on their own, therefore, when taking a cutting from these plants, it will copy the same characteristics and follow the same genetic calendar, therefore, it would have less time to grow and develop, becoming a small plant with insignificant buds.

Although some claim to have achieved successful harvests from cuttings of autoflowering strains, it is unlikely to obtain satisfactory results.

On the other hand, these plants are not recommended for training or pruning techniques, however, they respond very well to the LST method.


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