Is it possible to grow cannabis out of season?

Written by on 26 November, 2021

Surely, at some point you have wondered if it is possible to grow your Mary Jane at a time other than the usual summer. If you still have that doubt, don’t worry, in this post we will clear it up for you, so read on.

Well, to avoid preambles, the concrete answer is that it is possible to grow cannabis out of season outdoors; you just have to implement certain techniques so that your plantation offers good results.

One of the main advantages of growing marijuana outside the usual season is that it allows you to get buds throughout the year and to mislead thieves more easily because they will be less attentive to your plantation on those dates.

What you should take into account when growing out of season

To grow marijuana outdoors in the off-season, it is best to use a greenhouse to insulate your girls from inclement weather.

– Choosing the right seeds for off-season planting is critical. In these cases it is recommended to grow autoflowering seeds, as they grow faster than regular or feminized seeds, they are also easy to grow and are resistant plants.

– When planting cannabis outdoors it is always essential that you know the characteristics of the climate of the country where you live.

– If you are going to grow your cannabis in autumn so that the roots are warmer, it is recommended to use black containers or pots. If you plant in spring, the number of hours of light increases progressively instead of decreasing, so it is essential to grow short flowering strains to avoid re-vegetation.

– When growing on a balcony, some growers recommend sheltering the plants in a dark room at night to avoid any light pollution.

– Lastly, some growers also prefer or advise to do the vegetative stage indoors and then take them outdoors

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