Is it advisable to grow several marijuana plants in the same pot?

Written by on 22 January, 2022

Marijuana is a plant that can grow in various environments, can be planted outdoors or in the comfort of your grow room.

Likewise, this famous flower can be grown in different environments; for example, you can plant it directly in the soil or grow it in pots.

If you decide to use containers or pots to carry out your weed plantation, you will probably wonder if it is ideal for growing several marijuana plants in the same pot. It may be tempting; it is not advisable thing to do.

Many growers do not recommend growing several plants per container because they will compete as aerial as root levels.

You see, once your seeds germinate, your girls will compete for the short space available for their roots. If your plants have restricted root growth, their development will be impaired.

Also, the short space between your plants will cause your girls to fight for the available light, which is not beneficial if you want to get the most out of your flowers.

Keep in mind, so you avoid making mistakes in your planting, as there is nothing more frustrating than investing time in your growing and things not turning out as you expected.

Take your precautions and grow your marijuana.





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