Indoor growing: Tools that will help you enormously

Written by on 19 February, 2022

Growing marijuana indoors is a good idea if you don’t have large spaces to grow your cannabis plants outdoors.

Indoors you will have the advantage of having more control over your plants. If you are going to set up your plantation, it is ideal that you have the necessary tools and equipment. Follow us we will mention some of these.

1- Adhesive tape

It is one of the usual tools you should have. If you need quick fix something broken in your grow room, the adhesive tape will come in handy.

If you accidentally break the stem of your marijuana plant, using adhesive tape will help you a lot; it holds the bud in place while it heals.

2- Pots

You can get pots for marijuana in different sizes and shapes. Choose the most suitable for your plantation. Make sure that the plant must have the right size according to the variety of cannabis you are going to grow and the life stage in which it is; otherwise, the root system will not develop properly.

Also, as a general rule, make sure that the cannabis pots you choose have a proper drainage system.

3- Fans

Fans are a necessary piece of equipment in indoor marijuana growing; they allow you to supply airflow to the grow room.

Regardless of the model of fan you choose, make sure that it is one with which you can control the speeds, and it is adjustable so that it distributes the air a large part of the plantation.

4- Carbon filter

The fragrance given off by marijuana is one of the factors that can give away your indoor growing; if you want to prevent this from happening, a carbon filter is essential for your plantation.

That’s right; this tool will help you neutralize the odor produced in your plantation. Charcoal filters are ideal in rooms, greenhouses, and grow rooms.

5- Lamps

An element that cannot be missing in any indoor marijuana growing is to have good lighting equipment. Remember that cannabis plants need light to grow and develop as well as possible.

LED lamps, for example, can be helpful because they emit less heat. In addition, some of these bulbs cover the broad spectrum of light needed by cannabis; you could use the same equipment throughout the cycle. Just make sure that the intensity of the lights is according to the life stage of the plant.





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