Indoor cannabis growing vs. outdoor growing. Which is the most suitable?

Written by on 15 September, 2022

When you want to start your own cannabis plantation one of the first steps is to choose the place where you are going to put your beloved plants, you can choose an outdoor or indoor growing, but which is the most suitable?

To know which is the method of growing that is more convenient for you, it is ideal that you know the advantages and disadvantages of each one, so, stay with us and take note of some of them.

Indoor cannabis growing

This method is considered one of the most discreet ways to plant cannabis. We present you some of the benefits and disadvantages that this method of growing offers you.


One of the most important advantages of indoor growing is that it allows you to have greater control over your plantation, since you can more easily manipulate factors such as lighting, temperature, humidity, among others.

In addition, if you maintain the right conditions in your grow room you can grow during any time of the year.

Indoor growing with proper ventilation also allows you to be much more discreet. In addition, with this method it is much easier to avoid the presence of pests and other diseases.


Indoor cannabis growing requires more maintenance than outdoor growing, and is much more expensive, so if you don’t have enough resources it can be a problem.

If you want to ensure a discreet growing, you must invest in proper ventilation and filtration.

Outdoors cannabis growing

If you have ample space to carry out your cannabis plantation, outdoor growing is perfect for you, and it’s the most natural way to grow.


This type of growing is considered an easier method to cultivate cannabis, because many of the elements necessary for the growth of the plant, (as for example, the light and the wind) are provided by the nature.

When not having to buy systems of illumination, ventilation among others, outdoors growing represents a minor expense.

If you grow outdoors directly from the ground, your cannabis plants will have more space to grow, so by having bigger plants, you can have higher yields.


The negative side of outdoor growing is that your plants are exposed to environmental factors such as rain, wind and others that can harm your plants. One of the alternatives to overcome this disadvantage is to grow in pots, since you will be able to move them when necessary.

Outdoor cannabis growing is more prone to damage by pests and diseases, and if your growing is not well located, it may be visible to everyone.

There is not control on the hours of light your cannabis will receive; the growing periods could take longer.

Which is the most suitable?

As we explained to you previously, the indoors growing as well as the outdoors one offer you advantages and disadvantages, that’s why, to decide which one is the most indicated for you, is going to depend on your needs and possibilities, analyze them well, and choose the one that more suits you.




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