Increase your cannabis harvest with these pruning tips

Written by on 27 April, 2022

Pruning cannabis plants can offer you several advantages, perhaps one of the most striking of some growers is that with this method you can get bigger buds or increase production, is fantastic. Do not you think?

Well, to obtain good results in your plantation at the time of initiating with the pruning, follow some advices that we are going to present you:

1- Avoid pruning during flowering

When you decide to prune your cannabis strains, as a rule it is recommended to prune them during the vegetative or growth stage. Make sure you do it at the right time, remember that the last thing you want is for your girls to be stressed and have difficulty growing.

2- Prune the lower branches

Generally the branches belonging to the inferior part of the cannabis, do not gather almost light, reason why they produce small heads. It is for it that, many growers choose to eliminate these branches, this way your plants will concentrate their energy on the top branches where if it receives lighting, indispensable to obtain a great quantity of fatheads and of quality.

3- Is defoliation ideal?

There are different opinions on this subject. Some cannagrowers assure that with this technique of pruning it is possible to improve the results of the harvest. Nevertheless, others consider that it is a risky method, mainly because the leaves of fan are eliminated, fundamental to make the photosynthesis.

4- Be precise when pruning

In addition, the last but not least advice is to make precise cuts when pruning any part of your plants.

When you are about to prune your girls, always make sure, the shears are sharp. Do not pull out the branches with your hands.

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