Improve your growing yields with the topping technique

Written by on 14 August, 2022

When you plant your own weed, most probably one of your goals is to get abundant harvests, well, if you apply the topping technique in your plantation, you will surely achieve it.

Topping, also known as apical pruning, consists of pruning the tip of the main stem of the cannabis plant. The top of the plant is cut off to stimulate lateral growth.

With this method you will get very good yields and higher quality, you will also help your harvest to make the most of the light and you will be able to control its height.

Tips to carry it out

To perform this technique it is very important to use a sharp tool, preferably pruning shears, which of course must be previously disinfected.

Also, be sure to make the cut in the right place, this must be clean to avoid stressing your girls. Some cannagrowers advise making the cut above the fifth node, while others recommend making the cut above the third.

It is extremely important that you practice this technique at the right time; it is generally recommended to do it during the growth stage.

It is also important to know that this method should not be used with autoflowering cannabis strains.





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