Improve the production of your marijuana growing with lighting

Written by on 11 December, 2022

When you grow your Mary Jane indoors, you’d probably like to get good yields from your grow without having to implement such complicated and time-consuming techniques, right?

Well, one alternative that will probably help you achieve higher yields is by strategically using your grow lights. Keep reading this post, here we will tell you about it.

Increase the light intensity

In addition to choosing cannabis strains that are known for producing excellent yields, one option that can work for you to improve the bud production of your plants is to increase the intensity of your grow lights.

You see, lighting plays a very important role in photosynthesis, a process that helps strains grow and develop healthy roots, branches and leaves.

Well, if you increase the intensity of your lights in the flowering stage, so, if you place higher wattage lights or a higher number of lamps, you will most likely get a great and enviable harvest. Just keep in mind that the light bill may also increase.

Generally, the lighting used in a grow tent is a 600W high pressure sodium lamp (HPS). If this is changed to a 1000W, the available lumens will increase. Some growers have claimed that they have achieved double the production after changing lamps.

Look at the light spectrum

If you prefer not to add more lamps to your grow then make sure that the current lights you have in your grow contain the right light spectrum.

Remember that during the growing stage marijuana requires a blue light spectrum, while in flowering they need red light. If your girls don’t get the right spectrum during each stage of their life cycle, don’t expect to get great yields.

Make sure the light reaches all your plants

If your plants don’t get enough light in the vegetative stage, they tend to stretch in search of better quality light, which is not a good thing. Therefore, you must make sure that the light is properly distributed to all your plants.

If the lighting is inadequate in flowering, the flowers will not fatten. Also, if the light is uneven some specimens may grow more than others, resulting in the taller plants receiving all the light while the smaller end up in forgetfulness.

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