Importance of the dark period for photodependent cannabis plants

Written by on 17 October, 2020

As a cannabis grower, you will surely know that, there are factors that you need to ensure your plants develop properly, including ventilation, temperature, watering and lighting.

When it comes to photoperiodic marijuana plants, lighting is a factor that takes on great importance. Currently there are articles that tell us about this aspect, but reality, there are few that talk about the importance of the period of darkness. If you are novice in the subject of growing, it is very important that you have present/display this information, so that you avoid making errors in your plantation of marijuana.


As we have mentioned previously, the light plays a fundamental role in the development of the plants of cannabis because it allows the realization of the photosynthesis.

However, it is necessary that you have in mind that for the plants, in the same way, the night is a very relevant moment, since during this time, among other things, the plants metabolize the energy for which they have worked so much during the day. For plants to be able to carry out this process properly, they need to follow a strict light cycle.


You must make sure that in your cannabis growing no light enters during the dark period, because this period not only helps plants to metabolize energy, but also helps them to know when they have to flower.

The interruptions of the dark period can make a plant return to the vegetative phase or cause stress and consequently, cause hermaphroditism.

Final considerations

Cannabis plants breathe both day and night, and as you can tell, light and dark are very relevant to them.

For your plants to develop properly you must ensure that these periods are fully met, according to the stage of life of the plant.

Remember that in the vegetative phase, a period of 18 hours of light and 6 of darkness is recommended, while for the flowering phase, a cycle of 12/12 is recommended.


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