Importance of sunlight in outdoor cannabis growing

Written by on 1 March, 2022

When you grow your own cannabis there are certain factors you have to take into account to get a successful harvest, one of them is the lighting.

If your plants receive a lot of light, you could get a lot of fat, quality buds. This is why many indoor growers invest so much in lamps. Outdoors, the sun provides light to the marijuana flowers.

Importance of sunlight in outdoor growing

The illumination plays a fundamental role in the development of the plants of cannabis, indeed this factor, is essential for the photosynthesis, a process that contributes to that the stocks grow and develop roots, branches and healthy leaves.

In addition to other elements, thanks to the light, which in this case can bring the sun, you could obtain great yields in your harvest with higher productions.

Also, keep in mind that the photoperiodic strains advance from the vegetative phase to the flowering depending on the hours of light and darkness that they receive.

Tips for your plants to receive enough sunlight

As we mentioned, the more sunlight your plants receive, the better. To ensure this, one of the tips you can follow is to select the right place before you plant your flowers. Choose a place where there are no other plants or objects that could obstruct their exposure to the sun.

If you want to have more control over the location of your plants, consider growing your flowers in pots, so that you can move them from one side to the other.

Make sure that the sun your plants receive is not too strong, because you do not want your flowers to be stressed by excessive heat and light.

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