Ideal recommendations to grow marijuana and win the day

Written by on 21 August, 2021

Over time, marijuana growing has become an increasingly popular activity, and there are many smokers and cannabis lovers who have decided to grow their weed.

If you are one of those who have opted to grow their weed, look at this article because we will give you some ideal recommendations for you to succeed in your plantation.

1- Go for quality seeds

To start growing your Mary Jane it is good to choose quality seeds and not of doubtful origin. Choose to buy your seeds in reliable and well-known places, so you will have more security of the product you are acquiring and that you will get what you expect.

2- Avoid transplants while flowering

When your marijuana plants are in the flowering stage, transplanting is not recommended. This process causes stress, you must avoid this activity during this phase and don’t compromise the productive potential of your precious girls.

3- Make sure your plants receive enough light

Lighting is an essential factor for your flowers to carry out photosynthesis, a process that helps plants grow, develop roots, healthy leaves, among others.

If you are going to grow marijuana outdoors, make sure you choose an area where your strains receive enough sunlight, the yields can increase considerably.

Indoors be sure to choose the right lights for each stage of growth of your plants. In the vegetative stage, it is generally recommended to use blue light bulbs, such as HM lamps, while flowering a red light spectrum is required, HPS bulbs are used.

4- Be patient to harvest your flowers

We all want to enjoy our flower as soon as possible, that’s why you have probably thought about cutting it early, but don’t be too hasty as you could compromise the quality of your flowers.

Several aspects can indicate that the time has come to harvest your fruits, one of them, for example, to look at the appearance of the trichomes, when they go from being crystalline and acquire a milky tone, and others with amber tones, you can cut your buds. To observe these components, you will have to use a magnifying glass.


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