Ideal places for setting up your guerrilla marijuana growing

Written by on 29 March, 2022

If you can’t grow your Mary Jane at home for some reason, don’t worry, there are other options that you can take into account so that you don’t give up the idea of planting your weed, for example, set up your guerrilla marijuana growing.

With this alternative, you will be able to plant your precious weed outdoors and in a secret place that is not easy to find. Well, if you do not know where to set up your plantation take a look at this post we will tell you some recommendations.

1- Forests or less frequented places

To prevent curious people from finding your plants, make sure that the place you choose to set up your marijuana plantation is not near roads or busy streets, as these places are usually easy to find.

Planting in forests, in fields or abandoned growing lands are good ideas. You can opt for growing directly in the ground or in fabric pots to move your girls when you need to.

2- Places near water

If you find a hidden spot near water, like in a river or lake, don’t doubt, this could be the perfect place to plant your weed. The advantage is that it could be easier for you when you have to water your flowers, but keep in mind that if the site is too close to the stream or river the area could flood if it rains a lot.

3- Among other growing

An ideal place to plant your weed is between large growing such as a cornfield as these are a very good alternative to hide your weed. Just make sure to place your plantation in a place where they get enough sunlight.



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