How to water cannabis plants

Written by on 31 October, 2020

As well as the illumination, the nutrition, and the temperature (to mention some factors), are of great relevance for the development of the plants of cannabis and later harvest, the irrigation also represents an element of extreme importance. In this sense, in this post we will give you three tips on how to water your marijuana plants.

1) Measure the pH of the water

Make sure the water you choose that to water your cannabis growing is quality water, and measure the pH of it. To do this, it is ideal to have reliable measurement methods because it is important to avoid making mistakes that lead to serious consequences for the marijuana plants. For the cannabis growing, on land the irrigation water must have a pH of 6.5.

2) Watering properly

Watering correctly means watering at the right time, with quality water and the right amount of water.

The frequency with which you will water the cannabis plants will depend on various factors such as the size of the container, size and age of the cannabis plant, soil texture, air humidity, temperature and ventilation, among others.

It is important that before watering your plants, again, check that you have drunk the water from the previous watering. Many growers indicate that one of the best ways to know is from the weight of the pot.

You see, if the pot is very heavy, it means that the substrate is very wet, so it will not need more water at the moment, but if the pot feels very light, it means that it is dry, and therefore needs to be watered.

3) Choose a watering method

Manual, automatic, drip or flood irrigation are some of the systems for watering the marijuana growing. Depending on your budget or the type of growing, you can choose an irrigation system that is right for you. You need to keep in mind that as each strain of cannabis is different you will need to know the amount of water required by each of them.

Anyway, we advise you to make sure that you always water enough, that is to say, neither too much nor too little, because otherwise the most probable thing is that it will generate diverse problems for the plants.

We recommend you to check that your growing has good drainage.

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