How to solve the lack of sunlight in my marijuana growing

Written by on 24 November, 2022

As you may know, lighting plays a very important role in ensuring that your marijuana plants grow properly and produce the delicious buds you love so much.

Well, in the case of outdoor growing, the sun is precisely the one in charge of providing the light your girls need, but when planted in winter season your flowers will receive less hours of light and therefore will not develop and bloom in the same way as in spring and summer. So how to solve the lack of sunlight? Keep reading this post, here we tell you…

Use artificial lights

For those cannagrowers who have few hours of direct sunlight, you can increase the development of your strains by using artificial light. Yes, there are light options you can get, from energy-saving lamps and fluorescent tubes to mercury or high-pressure sodium fixtures.

These hours of light can be added at the end of the day or early in the morning if you prefer. Once your mote reaches the desired size, you can remove the artificial lighting and let them bloom.


When growing in the winter season, perhaps an excellent alternative you can opt for is to plant autoflowering marijuana because as you know this type of varieties do not depend on the photoperiod, that is to say that it will bloom when it is ready and not because of the change in the hours of light.


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