How to reduce the energy costs of indoor cannabis growing

Written by on 14 September, 2022

Indoor cannabis growing can sometimes be a bit of an expensive investment. You will see, unlike the plantations carried out outdoors, where it is counted gratuitously with factors like the illumination, in the growing in closets or rooms of growing, to have the suitable atmosphere for the development of the strains, a great variety of equipment must be bought.

Surely, you have noticed that your invoice of electricity is higher when you grow cannabis compared to when you have not done it. In relation to this, precisely in this opportunity we want to give you some simple advices so that you can reduce the consumption of energy in your marijuana growing.

1) Grow what you need

As a user of cannabis, it is very likely that you know an estimate of how much marijuana you consume per month. We recommend that you grow the amount of plants that will give you the production you will need; this will help you reduce energy costs, because you will allocate resources to what you will actually use.

2) Use efficient lights

Using the right type of lights for your growing can have a very favorable effect on more than one aspect. We recommend the use of LED lights because they use less energy and generate less heat, so you not only save in terms of energy consumed by the device, but also in terms of equipment to compensate for the heat that the lights produce, such as fans and air conditioners, because you will not have to install so many.

3) Optimize energy consumption

An application of various techniques will undoubtedly help you to reduce energy consumption. So in addition to using lights that are efficient and allow you to generate less heat, try to change the traditional ballast for a digital one, put the ventilation systems at the speed you need, grow productive and resistant varieties, and use alternative photoperiods.

For everything to work properly we recommend you to plan achievable energy expenditure targets, control consumption, review and evaluate the performance of your growing so you can implement changes if necessary.

It is very important that you make sure that everything works correctly to avoid wasting energy in the grow room.


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