How to recognize and eliminate a grasshopper pest in marijuana growing

Written by on 2 August, 2021

The presence of pests in marijuana growing is always a headache; therefore, it is important to be forewarned and get rid of them in time.

Many are the intruders that can invade your plantation, one of those, although they seem harmless, are the pests of grasshoppers.

Learn how to recognize the damage caused by these insects and the alternatives you can put into practice to get rid of them.

Signs of grasshoppers in your growing

In general, grasshoppers are insects that tend to bite any leaf, so the leaves of your cannabis plants are no exception.

Some bites that they generate will end up leaving holes in the leaves that you can see with the naked eye. If you notice this symptom, you will have to be attentive to act as soon as possible.

Another sign that your babies are suffering from a grasshopper attack is when you notice that your flowers are dry. In addition, some types of grasshoppers love to eat the stems of marijuana.

You can also notice the presence of these insects if you hear their distinctive chirping sound.

How to deal with a grasshopper invasion

After you identify the signs and realize that you are dealing with a grasshopper invasion, you will need to take advantage to combat this pest.

Neem oil will always be a good ally for Maria growers as it works as a natural pesticide. This resource will help prevent grasshoppers from eating your plants. You can also use homemade pesticides made from garlic.

To prevent the arrival or attack of these intruders, we recommend that you regularly observe your flowers to detect any irregularities in time.

One way to keep this pest away is by planting other flowers near your marijuana, such as peas or cilantro, as the smell of these will scare them away.


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