How to prevent windburn in your marijuana growing

Written by on 1 March, 2021

When you grow your own cannabis, you need to know that the wind is both your friend and your enemy.

Yes, when the breeze is gentle your pot plants will thank you, but when it is too strong and intense your girls can suffer from a form of stress known as windburn.

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Windburn Symptoms

Generally, windburn tends to occur most often in indoor growing, and it happens when fans are placed too close to the plants or their power is too high.

You’ll know your girls are suffering from this type of stress when you notice the tips of their leaves curling down into a claw-like shape.

How to prevent windburn?

To prevent windburn, it’s best to plan ahead for your indoor growing. Placing too many plants in your grow space for higher yields can work against you, such as causing windburn.

Cannabis requires a certain amount of living space to grow smoothly. You should make sure that the fans are placed at the right distance and at a moderate speed.

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