How to preserve marijuana seeds

Written by on 23 May, 2020

If you like to grow cannabis, you have probably thought about saving some seeds to plant later, and there is nothing wrong with that, you just have to be careful to store them properly.

Marijuana seeds, being a living organism, require specific care. Keeping them at a certain humidity or temperature, learning how to store them is fundamental to guarantee that when you start growing them they will germinate perfectly without losing their properties.

If you keep, the seeds in optimal conditions can last a long time and use them without inconvenience, so keep reading this post to know how you should save them.

Suitable conditions

The ideal temperature to store cannabis seeds is about 4 to 8°, if you want to store a large amount we recommend you make a space in your fridge in the drawer where you keep your vegetables. If you are not going to store, the seeds for a long time you can store them in an opaque and airtight container.

The humidity is recommended to be between 10 and 20%, otherwise it could generate mold and fungus.  Some growers use silica gel in order to make sure that the humidity and temperature of the container where the seeds are kept always stays the same.

You also need to avoid exposing the seeds to light, which is another factor that can prevent your seeds from germinating.

Additional recommendations

It is important that you buy your seeds from a reliable supplier, it will give you more confidence that they will germinate in large percentage. It also prevents the seeds from being crushed by packing them in too small a space.

If you take into account everything, you have read in this post, you have nothing to worry about; your seeds will germinate within a normal period of 24 to 48 hours.

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