How to prepare the soil to grow marijuana outdoors

Written by on 13 August, 2022

As you know, growing Mary Jane outdoors directly in the soil brings several advantages, one of which is that your girls will be able to grow freely and develop their full potential.

Well, marijuana is a plant that needs a type of soil that meets certain special conditions, so, to get enviable harvests it is ideal that you pay attention to this factor.

Stay with us and we will tell you how to prepare the soil to plant your pot and some recommendations that you should take into account.

1- Choosing the area

To plant your pot outdoors, one of the first steps you should take is to choose the area of your land or garden where you are going to place your flowers. Well, make sure that the place is one where your girls receive enough light to develop, has a water supply nearby, and that it is discreet.

2- Measure the pH

The soil where you plant your marijuana must be in optimal conditions because that is where the roots develop, one of the most important parts of your plants.

To ensure that everything is in order and that you can carry out your growing, it is essential to know the pH of the soil. Ideally, the soil should have a pH between 6 and 7. It is also necessary to have a soil with a texture that allows the penetration and absorption of water.

3- Keep the soil clean

Although there is no specific way to clean the soil, as a basic recommendation it is advisable to clean it after rain and remove the weeds from the roots. It is also recommended not to use herbicides, since they can contaminate the soil.

4- Prepare the soil

You can prepare the soil by adding amendments such as fishmeal, bird droppings, among others. Wait a little time for the soil to assimilate it.

You can also choose to place mulching on the soil surface, this contributes to a more stable temperature of the substrate, also improves the quality of the soil because as it decomposes it provides nutrients to the soil.

Placing cover crops on the soil surface where your plants are can also be a great idea to keep your girls healthy.


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