How to prepare the bottles for the harvest of cannabis

Written by on 4 October, 2022

Generally, most marijuana growers look forward to the harvest season to reap the fruit of their efforts. However, when this time comes, many are not fully prepared.

Ideally, when the time comes to harvest your precious buds, you’ll be ready for it.

Although it may seem unimportant, one of the essential things you should not overlook is having the jars ready that you will need to store the buds after they have dried. If you haven’t done it yet, then keep reading this post, we will give you some tips that will surely help you.


The key to preparing the jars where you are going to store your mota is to choose those that have the most airtight seal possible. Also, choose the bottles preferably opaque to reduce exposure to light.

In the cannabic market, you can obtain ideal containers for the growers, but if you have some jars of jam, also they can work to you.

A basic advice is that you always remember to clean them, and make sure that there are no traces of water left. To clean your jars, you can also use napkins or absorbent cotton with some alcohol.

Finally, when you go to store your bottles, make sure you put them in a dry and dark place.

Well, these simple tips will help you be prepared for the magic moment of the harvest.

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