How to make marijuana plant cuttings

Written by on 23 September, 2022

As a grower and lover of marijuana, it is likely that at some point you get in your growth with a great strain, of which, you would like to preserve its qualities, well, if you make cuttings, you can get it.

The cuttings are the cloning of a mother plant. Although to carry out them seems complicated, alone it requires a simple process of certain cares.

What you will need to make the cuttings of cannabis

1- Prepare a clean and disinfected area for work. The materials you use must also be clean. It is recommended that gloves be worn during the process.

2- Find a pair of pruning scissors or a scalpel to make the cut.

3- It is also necessary to have rooting hormones and an adequate substrate.

There are substrate options you can take into account, such as jiffys, coconut or peat, rock wool, soil, among others.

4- To maintain the ideal temperature and humidity for your cuttings it is advisable to have a mini greenhouse.

5- Choose the right lighting for your cuttings, we recommend CFL or flowering lamps.


Steps to make the cuttings

1- Select the indicated mother plant

Choosing a quality mother plant is fundamental; remember that the characteristics of that plant will be transferred to your cuttings.

Choose the one that has the qualities of your preference, and which has not entered in a phase of flowering, and of course, that is very healthy.

2- Proceed to cut the cuttings

With the help of the scalpel, cut your marijuana cuttings, do it below the second group of leaves making a clean cut at 45 ° between two knots.

When you place your cuttings in the ground, there should be two groups of leaves above the surface and one or two knots below the ground.

Immediately after cutting your cuttings, proceed to place them in water.

3- Prepare the containers

You can use small pots or seedling trays. Moreover, you can fill them with fine vermiculite or substrate.

Once ready, if you use soil, water the substrate and then make a hole in the center.

4- Apply rooting hormones

Have a rooting hormone ready, you can find them in powder or gel form. In addition, you can apply them with a brush or dip them directly into the substance.

Then place your cuttings carefully in the hole of the containers you prepared, and cover with soil until the stem is firm and water lightly.


When your cuttings are planted, it is time to place them in the greenhouse. The ideal temperature for your cuttings to take root is between 20°, 25°C, and humidity between approximately 80 and 90%.

Keep the greenhouse closed with the lid. You can use fluorescent light for the lighting. We recommend 18 hours of light and 6 hours of darkness.

Check the condition of your clones constantly, remove the lid once a day to ventilate. In addition, check that they are sufficiently humid, if not, you will have to spray them with water, if possible to filter it.

The first roots usually start to sprout in 1 to 3 weeks. You will begin to observe how they pass through the holes of the small pots.

It only remains for the root mass to colonize the substrate to be sufficiently developed. In addition, when your plants are ready, you can transplant them into a larger pot.

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