How to maintain and care the mother plants. Follow these tips!

Written by on 10 January, 2021

When you finally get a spectacular cannabis strain, with the psychoactive effects and flavors you want, chances are you’ll want to enjoy it again and again.

Well, the easiest way to reproduce your favorite strain is by taking cuttings from a mother plant. This type of plants requires certain specific cares, that is why, and we will give you some advices so that you learn to preserve them.

Nutrients for mature mother plants

As you know, mother plants are maintained in a constant vegetative period, so it is ideal to guarantee the nutrients that your flowers need.

Make sure that your plants can absorb enough nitrogen and other micronutrients, but listen, do not go overboard, and do not make the mistake of overfeeding them.

The fertilizer you choose should also contain the plant hormones auxin and cytokinin, which produce healthier roots and branches.

Cycles of light

Like any strain of cannabis, mother plants also require light to develop. The light cycle you apply to your girls should be growing; usually the cycle of 18 / 6 is used.

The best light for vegetative growth is in the blue spectrum. For this reason, some growers choose to use metal halide lamps for mother plants. Others recommend the use of LED lighting systems.

Pruning the roots

The mother plants remain long periods in the pots, so you must be careful not to get their roots tangled, as this in turn could cause nutrient deficiencies and stunted growth.

Applying a root pruning can be a great idea to preserve the health of the mother plant, just make sure you do it correctly.







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