How to know if my seed is sativa or another kind?

Written by on 29 May, 2021

As a cannabis grower you have probably wondered if it is possible to know if a marijuana seed will give a sativa or indica plant just by looking at it, well, it would save you some work.

Well, the truth is that this doubt is more common than it seems. Therefore, to know the answer on this subject, I invite you to continue reading this post.

Indica or sativa? Can I know what kind of variety my seed will be?

Several myths have been created around cannabis, which often end up confusing cannabis growers, especially those who are just starting out in the world of marijuana. Moreover, what do you think, this is one of those myths.

Well, you have to know that it is false that you can determine whether a cannabis seed will be sativa or indica just by looking at it. Maybe you have read that marijuana seeds can vary in shape, color and texture, well although that is true, none of these characteristics help us to determine if a marijuana seed will give one strain or another.

To know what type of strain you have in front of you, you will have to germinate the seed and wait for it to grow. You will see that indica and sativa plants have different physical characteristics, so it is possible to tell them apart once they have grown.

For example, sativas tend to be taller, with long, narrow leaves. Also, their buds tend to be lighter. Indicas, on the other hand, tend to be shorter, so they are generally recommended for indoor growing. These plants have wider leaves, dense and heavy buds, robust stems, and have a shorter flowering period.


It is very important that you acquire your seeds in a reliable and prestigious seed bank, in which they provide you with information about your future plant, so you can be surer about what kind of variety you are going to growing.





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