How to keep my marijuana buds small? 

Written by on 24 March, 2022

In addition to achieving high yields, one of the main goals every marijuana grower has is to make their buds big and delicious. Nobody wants small, light, airy, and lose buds, also known as popcorn buds.

In this post, we will give you some practical tips to prevent or avoid these tiny buds appearing in your crop and ruining your harvest.

1- Improve the lighting of your growing

Having good lighting in your growth is a key factor to avoid small marijuana buds.

It is important to place your lights at the right distance in the growing, but this will depend on the type of bulb you choose. For example, in the case of Fluorescent lights or CFLs, some people advise placing them about 10 cm away from the plants.

Using reflective materials to direct all the light to your plants and not waste it around the grow tent can be a great idea to avoid small buds. Remember to make sure that every part of your plant is exposed to light.

2- Provide your plants with shade outdoors

Outdoors you are lucky to have the best source of light: the sun, however, excessive heat can stress marijuana plants, which could cause the formation of popcorn buds. To prevent this situation, it is recommended to provide shade to your plants if necessary, for example, a shading net can be very useful for this, in this way you can ensure that your girls do not suffer during the hottest months.

3- Select good quality genetics 

To prevent getting small flowers, you should choose a cannabis strain of good quality that suits the type of growing, climate, and conditions that you can offer her.

To choose the right marijuana strains, be sure to read the seed cards before buying them so you can determine which one is the best.

4- Train your plants at the right moment

Within cannabis growing there are low-stress training (LST) and high-stress training (HST) techniques that are ideal for improving the productive potential of plants, however, if you apply them at the wrong times you can stunt the growth of the strains and their ability to produce large, fully formed buds.

5- Appropriate temperature

Small buds can appear if the temperature of the room or grow room is not adequate, therefore, you must be aware of it. Indoors, it is much easier to control this factor.

Some people advise keeping the temperature between 18 and 26 degrees Celsius during the flowering phase of the plants. We recommend you buy a thermometer, this instrument will help you to know at all times the temperature of the grow room.


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