How to increase the terpenes of your marijuana?

Written by on 14 April, 2020

Do you want the taste and aroma of your joint to be more intense? Here is how to do this interesting task. BE ATTENTIVE!

TERPENES are aromatic compounds found throughout nature that provide the characteristic aromas of fruits and plants. The terpenes profile of a strain influences its taste and smell, so it is an important factor for breeders to take into account when growing, and for cannabic sybarites when selecting a strain to smoke.

Follow the steps to increase the production of terpenes in your plant:

– Nutrient reduction: It is known that an excess of nitrogen delays the formation of the buds so make sure you use a specially balanced nutrient with low levels of nitrogen during flowering and that the last 2 weeks of flowering are dedicated to washing the cannabis.

– Stress the plant properly: Cannabis produces more terpenes and terpenoids when exposed to low levels of stress. There are several ways to do this, but keep in mind that if you stress the plant too much, you can kill it. Stress is especially effective when applied during the last weeks of flowering.

Defoliation and the Low-Stress Training technique: Commonly used for small plants, it will intensify their flavor.

– The temperature should be below 26 degrees: Keeping the grow room temperature low during flowering will help preserve the terpenes already created. High temperatures can cause some of the plant’s contents to evaporate, which will reduce its taste and aroma.

– Lowering the temperature at night: There is also evidence to suggest that a low nighttime temperature increases the production of terpenes and terpenoids. Generally, the temperature should be about 5 degrees Celsius lower than the daytime temperature.

– Don’t overdo it: Do not manipulate your shoots too much, you can damage them, so there won’t be good terpene production.

– Try to cultivate in soil: Cultivation in soil has a better final taste, due to the more natural mix of macro and micronutrients.

– Proper drying: One of the most important steps you can take to ensure that the final product is as strong and penetrating as possible. The right way to do this, like everything else in life, is to take your time and make sure you do it right.

Drying should take about 2-3 weeks, at a relatively cool temperature. High temperatures will cause a lot of the terpenes and terpenoids to evaporate. Moisture is also an important factor during drying. It is a good idea to keep it at 70%.

Now you can grow your plant with the best terpenes! Build your joint with more taste and aroma!

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