How to increase the production of terpenes in the cannabis growing

Written by on 2 March, 2022

The cannabinoides like the THC and the CBD usually are the components more coveted by the users of the cannabis; nevertheless, the terpenes are others of the compounds that do not pass unnoticed. The truth is that there are users of cannabis who in addition to the effects that experience, they like to enjoy a good stock with delicious scents and flavors.

The terpenes are, mainly, responsible to offer to the cannabis plants the fragrance and characteristic flavor, nevertheless, and have influence in the effect that produces a stock. Every time they acquire more value for the consumers of marijuana, is for that reason that in this opportunity we will give you three simple advices that you can apply so that you can increase the production of terpenes in the cannabis growing.

1) Grow in earth

Today there are various means of growing, but without doubt, the land is one of classic. This means possesses diverse nutrients that the plants of cannabis need for their development; generally, the growing in ground (of good quality) are associated with productions that are more aromatic and of better flavor. Of course, you must make sure you have a well-nourished soil.

2) It generates a little stress to the plant

To grow a terpene rich marijuana, methods such as low stress training (LTS) are a great option. Keep in mind that it is very important not to subject the marijuana plants to intense stress, as it can cause negative consequences for the growing.

In addition, before applying any method, make sure you do it at the right time (according to the stage of life in which the cannabis is and according to the chosen strain).

3) Root washing

Two weeks before the harvest, you should stop feeding your plants, to avoid exceeding the nutrients. The excessive use of these compounds can ruin the taste of your buds.

Ideally, you should remove the fertilizer residues from the substrate by washing the roots. By giving your plants a source of pure water, all the excess nutrients will be eliminated slowly and as a result, you will have aromatic plants.


First, choose a cannabis strain with a good terpene profile. Once you have planted your cannabis, be sure to provide the correct lighting, nutrition, watering, and temperature, among others. Likewise, after the harvest try to make the process of manicured, dried and cured properly. Have a good smoke!

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