How to grow quality cannabis taking the phases of the moon into account

Written by on 1 August, 2021

As you may know, since ancient times the phases of the moon have been taken as a reference for growing various plants, and of course, pot is no exception.

Many are the cannabis growers who use the lunar calendars as a standard to achieve higher productivity and quality sounds interesting!

Well, if you want to carry out this practice in your plantation follow with us, we will indicate the growing tasks you should do according to each lunar phase.

1- Germinate your seeds in full moon

Cannabis seeds need enough moisture to germinate, so taking advantage of the full moon is ideal, as it is believed that during this phase they can absorb much more moisture.

2- Make cuttings or treat pests in waning phase

When there is a waning moon, it is considered a good time to solve pest problems or to make cuttings.

3- Apply fertilizers during the crescent moon

In the crescent moon stage, (you can recognize it because it acquires the shape of the letter “D”) it is recommended to fertilize your flowers or in which case try to solve any nutritional deficiency that your girls may have.

4- Harvest in new or crescent moon

The moment of harvesting is one of the most exciting and awaited by cannabis growers, doing it at the right time can really make the difference.

Well, among the different lunar phases, it is recommended to harvest the fruits during the new moon. Although there are those who advise that, the ideal phase is the crescent moon.

The next time you grow your weed you can do it taking into account the lunar phases, just make sure you get enough information to make everything a success.





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