How to grow purple cannabis

Written by on 5 November, 2020

Usually, cannabis plants are green; however, you can also get purple varieties.

As a marijuana grower, you will surely think about planting these strains, if so, look at this post and follow some tips to learn how to grow beautiful purple buds.

What makes cannabis turn purple?

The commonly dominant pigment in marijuana plants is chlorophyll. Besides helping plants to perform photosynthesis, it gives them their green color. In the absence of this component, plants can use other pigments such as carotenoids and anthocyanin, the latter when it is dominant in your marijuana flowers gives the color purple so requested.

The different parts of cannabis plants can become purple, including the leaves, buds, pistils and trichomes.

How do you grow purple cannabis?

Purple marijuana plants are quite attractive, which is why many growers are interested in these strains. To increase your chances of getting that beautiful color, it is ideal to take into account these tips:

1- Select the correct genetics

This point is very important, because genetics is a fundamental factor that can influence the final color of your strain.

Make sure you choose the right strains, that is, those that have a genetic capacity to turn purple. These seeds should contain high levels of anthocyanin.

You can find a variety of powerful strains with this purple shade as the Grandaddy Purple or Purple Kush.

2- Adjust the temperatures

When your plants are mature and begin to enter the stage of flowering, it is the moment indicated to transform them into purple beauties; you only must lower the night temperature of the environment of your cannabis.

The coldest temperatures cause the chlorophyll to decompose, so it can encourage the strains to produce more anthocyanin.

Your plants will turn purple when the difference between day and night temperatures is about 15°C, or more. Always be careful that the temperature does not drop too much as it could damage your plantation.


To deprive of oxygen to the plants of cannabis so that these become purple, it is an idea that perhaps many growers have, but forget it. Using dyes to dye plants is also not recommended under any circumstances.

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