How to grow marijuana without spending so much money. Follow these tips!

Written by on 8 May, 2021

Usually, growing our own cannabis, either indoors or outdoors, involves a considerable investment, therefore, if you do not have enough resources you may be thinking about forgetting to do this activity, but it does not have to be like that, you will see, there are many ways of growing marijuana efficiently without spending so much money.

Keep reading this post; we will give you 3 tips to start your plantation without hurting your pocket.

1- Opting for soil growing

A simple way not spend so much money on your plantation is that you decide to grow your Mary Jane in soil, because doing it in a hydroponic system for example; can be a little more expensive.

Likewise, if you plant your Mary Jane directly in soil you won’t have to spend money buying pots. If you make sure, you choose a quality soil you will notice how your girls grow without any problems.

2- Use LED lamps

You may find buying LED lights an expensive investment at first, but once you do, you will notice how your pocket recovers. You will see, this type of lamps are an excellent alternative to reduce the costs in your electricity bill because they are characterized by consuming less energy.

In addition, LED lights generate less heat, so you will also spend less money because you will no longer have to invest in so many devices such as fans to compensate for the heat produced by the bulbs.

3- Growing on a windowsill

If you don’t have a garden to plant your Mary Jane or the possibility of setting up a growing closet, perhaps a good idea is to grow a few Mary Jane flowers on your windowsill.

With this alternative, you will save a bit of money as your girls will receive direct sunlight, and you won’t have to invest in expensive equipment such as lamps. Just make sure to place your plants in the window that receives the most sunlight, otherwise, you will have to supplement with artificial light.


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