How to grow marijuana at home? Ideal for beginners!

Written by on 11 September, 2021

We know that the cannabis industry has expanded around the world, more and more people are asking themselves: how to start growing marijuana at home?

Although it seems that you have to handle a lot of steps and products, it is not like that! They are simple steps that you have to follow, and that’s what we bring to you today.

Beginner friends! We’ll explain how to do it.

1-Choosing good genetics

This is the first question the novice grower faces, how to choose the variety? We recommend you to choose feminized seeds, with which we make sure that all the plants are female. Besides that, we have to choose a variety that is easy to grow. There are two options: choose auto-flowering varieties or hybrids halfway between indica and sativa.

First option: Auto-flowering marijuana seeds bloom according to their age. In fact, they can be grown with 12 to 20 hours of light per day, from germination to harvest.

Second choice: Choose hybrids that are easy to grow, it is highly recommended in the case of small cabinets where high temperature can be a problem. These varieties need 12 hours of darkness a day to start flowering.

2- Choosing a good substrate

There are several types of substrate with which to grow: soil, coconut fibre, arlita, rock wool; of all these, soil is the substrate that allows the greatest margin of error when growing. Its percentage of air and water retention is quite stable, so it allows us to have some misunderstanding when watering.

The soil also has the capacity to cushion possible failures in the application of fertilizers. While an excess of fertilizer can be fatal in hydroponics, in soil it can be corrected with a simple root wash. In addition, plants grown in soil are usually the ones that smell the best and taste the best.

We advise you to choose a composted soil, in which the plant will not need the addition of extra nutrients until at least three weeks after transplanting. In fact, by doing consecutive transplants it will not be necessary to fertilize until the first flowers appear.

3-Install a good lighting kit

In indoor marijuana cultivation, artificial lighting replaces sunlight, so the better the lighting kit, the better and the result in both quality and quantity. There are different types of bulbs, suitable for each stage of the growing process: rooting, growth and flowering.

The low energy bulbs are suitable for the rooting phase and the first days of growth. Metal halide lamps, with a cold light spectrum, are suitable for the vegetative growth phase. For the flowering and ripening phase, sodium vapour lamps give the best results.

We recommend you to start the cultivation of marijuana by buying a mixed spectrum bulb, which will serve us for all phases of the crop. Among them, the HPS bulbs. As a rule, 200 watts will be installed for germination and rooting, 400 watts for growth and 600 watts for flowering.

4-Install an extraction system

For marijuana plants to grow properly in an indoor grow, the air must be constantly renewed. This renewal ensures that the heat generated by the bulbs does not build up in the growing space, and that the plants receive a constant supply of carbon dioxide. Please note that CO2 is the fundamental molecule for photosynthesis, without it plants stop growing and flourishing.

There are several methods to determine which extractor is most suitable for an indoor growing room. Generally, 30 multiply the volume of the room in cubic meters, and this number is the minimum flow rate that our extractor must have.

At the same time, a slightly lower flow rate intractor is needed to maintain a negative pressure in the room. In this way, the air will always have a tendency to exit through the extractor and the carbon filter, ensuring that the smell of marijuana is neutralized.

5-Watering with good water and nutrients

 Now we’ll talk about water and fertilizers. The purer the water, the better it is for the grower to add fertilizer. Although it is ideal to install an osmosis filter, you can also use rainwater or buy carafes. However, if you cannot choose any of these quality waters, and you have to use tap water, you must know whether this water is hard or soft. The hardness of the water refers to its lime and magnesium content, and there are different formulations of fertilizers on the market for grow with either water.

You already know how to create a grow at home, following our advice. So, hands on WEED!






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