How to grow cannabis strains in the same space (indoor)

Written by on 27 November, 2020

In the cannabis world, there is a great variety of marijuana strains, which offer unmatched characteristics. In this sense, like grower of cannabis surely in some opportunity it has happened to you by the mind to grow different varieties in the same space of interiors. Well the truth is that it is not something crazy.

If you want to know how you can do it in indoor, keep reading this post, because here we will give you three tips to do it.

1) Choose similar varieties

At the time of growing different strains of cannabis in interiors, it is recommendable to select varieties of the same subspecies and of course, that have similarities as far as time of flowering, size, among others

Keep in mind that to grow strains with very different characteristics as for an indica and a sativa can become very complicated.

2) Take into account the space

Not all the cannagrower have the possibility of counting on an ample room of growing therefore, the space with which you count also must be a departure point to be able to choose the diverse varieties.

In addition, according to the space you will be able to determine the amount of plants that you are going to cultivate, taking care not to overload the place.

If you would really like to enjoy the better of two worlds (Indica-Sativa), you can also choose hybrid plants.

3) Special care

Growing different cannabis varieties requires special care. Remember that even if you choose different types of the same species such as different sativas, they always have some variations as to what they need to develop properly and the time of harvest. Therefore, establish specific plans for feeding, watering, among other factors, for each group of plant.

In these cases, it is very important to be well informed about the characteristics of the different varieties of cannabis that you wish to grow. This will allow you to give the care that the plant needs (in each stage of life), to harvest at the right time according to the type of variety and will help you to avoid making mistakes.

Anyway, remember to be very attentive of your growing in general so that you can prevent and detect inconveniences with some of your plants.


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