How to grow cannabis safely

Written by on 8 June, 2022

Growing marijuana can be a very rewarding and entertaining activity. The truth is that it is quite exciting, but for everything to be in order, you must be very attentive to every detail.

In this sense, in this opportunity we will speak to you about how to grow cannabis in a safe way. So continue reading.

1) Use quality tools

Regardless of where and when you carry out your cannabis plantation, it is ideal to maintain the security (both yours and your plants), for this, we recommend the use of quality tools and appliances.

Whether it is lights, ventilation equipment or reflectors, among others, install the best you can buy.

Keep in mind that if a piece of equipment is not of good quality or is unreliable it can cause power cuts, short circuits, and even fires, so be careful. Anyway, check your equipment regularly.

2) Keep the order

If you want to avoid accidents, one of the main things you should do is keep your grow room clean and tidy.

Try to clean up any spilled liquids immediately, also try to place your tools in a specific place and keep the fertilizers well closed. Also, be very careful when cleaning electrical equipment.

3) Be careful with HID lamps and the electrical system

High-pressure sodium lamps, and other types of HID lights, emit a lot of heat, so you will need a way to expel the hot air they generate. This increase in temperature increases the risk of a fire.

It is important to make sure that the lamps are well separated from the top of the plants. Keep in mind that sativas tend to stretch out towards the light.

It is very important that you are a cautious cannabis grower. Remember that indoors, generally, you need a lot of electricity, which can overload the circuit or the socket, and damage the wires, among other drawbacks. Invest in a good electrical installation, with strong cables, reliable ballasts, adequate connectors, and more.

4) Use protection

When you go to grow cannabis, take care of yourself, so that this is an activity as safe as possible.

Prolonged exposure to some types of light is harmful to your eyes, so we recommend that you invest in special glasses to protect your eyes from exposure to light.

You should also take care of your skin. It is ideal to wear special clothing that covers most of your body whenever you go to work in the grow room, so that you protect your skin from any aggressive chemicals contained in the fertilizers or pH stabilizers, and to wear protective goggles when handling any type of chemical solution.

5) Avoid attracting attention

To keep your marijuana plantation safe, and certainly away from the curious, it is ideal to avoid attracting attention. For it, it tries to control the smell of the cannabis, because this one is one of the principal reasons for which a culture is discovered.

Although it seems obvious, if you wish to maintain in secret your growing, it is better that you do not comment it with anybody. Finally, it chooses a good place to carry out it.

Final considerations

Make sure you are prepared in case of a fire. Keep the fire extinguisher, a flashlight and everything else you consider necessary for these cases at hand.

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