How to get the caterpillars away from your cannabis growing 

Written by on 16 September, 2022

Pests are every cannabis grower’s worst enemy, so preventing them or detecting them in time can really make a difference to your plantation.

Among the most common pests affecting cannabis are red spider mite, white fly, aphid, thrips, and others. Caterpillars, however, are also a common pest that constantly invades marijuana growing, especially outdoors, and can be lethal.

If you still do not know how to identify this problem or how to eliminate it, don’t worry, here’s what you should do.

The caterpillars

Caterpillars represent the larval stage of species such as moths and butterflies. These insects will cause damage to your plants, as they love to devour the leaves and stems.

Symptoms of a caterpillar invasion

The first thing you should observe is the leaves of your plants, since one of the most common symptoms is irregular holes in the fan leaves.

The stem of your plant can also be damaged, as caterpillars seek to feed not only on the leaves but also on the stems. This can affect the transport of water and nutrients to the rest of the plant. To realize this, it is most common for the leaves above the damaged area to begin to turn yellow.

Caterpillars can also devour your buds; they mainly go to the base of the developing buds, so this can lead to withering and death of the flower.

The damage caused by caterpillars can even cause your plants to become stressed and reduce their size and productivity.

How to remove them

One of the easiest ways to eliminate these pests is to do it physically. Since it is, a very easy pest to identify you can simply remove them manually and take them somewhere else.

When you grow them in the air you can use the help of insect caterpillars to eliminate them naturally, for example in the case of parasitic wasps, these wasps will deposit their eggs in the body of the caterpillar and when they hatch, the caterpillars will become food for them.

Other alternatives that you can use to get rid of the caterpillars, is to use natural pesticides that eliminate the pest, but without harming your plants. Formulas that contain the bacterium Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt) are very effective in saying goodbye to invasive caterpillars.

Tips to prevent caterpillars

If your growing is in a greenhouse, you can choose to put up an insect screen to prevent and keep your plants away from butterflies.

Using neem oil can be an ideal tool, as it is a natural pesticide. This is an organic product and respectful of the planet. In addition, it can also prevent the appearance of certain types of fungus.

Inspect your plants constantly for larvae eggs, check all parts of the plant, especially the parts that are difficult to access, if you find their eggs, it is time to act.










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