How to get better results in your marijuana growing

Written by on 29 September, 2021

If you are a beginner marijuana grower this doesn’t mean that you can’t get a good harvest, because if you ensure all the conditions that your bud needs to grow the results can be quite good.

To help you get amazing buds and improve your harvest we will present some simple tips for you to take into account.

1- Use reflectors

Reflectors for grow lights are undoubtedly a perfect element if you want to improve the quality and results of your growing.

Generally, the reflector has the function of holding the lamp and preventing it from hanging in any position. In addition, it is responsible for directing the lighting.

Some people recommend using this equipment because it increases the coverage and intensity of the light, which translates into better harvests without wasting light.

2- Opt for natural fertilizers

Fertilizers play an important role in the final taste of your cannabis. You will see that many cannabis growers consider that natural and ecological fertilizers contribute to producing more exquisite flowers than those grown with synthetic fertilizers.

3- Choose the right variety

Depending on the objectives you want to achieve in your plantation, try to choose the cannabis strain that best suits what you are looking for.

For example, if what you want is to obtain more resinous buds, opt for those strains that are genetically characterized by producing high amounts of resin.

Strains like Cream Caramel or Green Poison from Sweet Seeds will surely catch your attention.

4- Train your plants

Training is one of the best ways to boost the yield or productivity of your cannabis growing.

There are different techniques that you can carry out such as SOG (Sea of Green), ScrOG (Screen of Green), Super cropping, among others. Each of these methods, when done well, can improve the total yield of your growing.


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