How to fertilize marijuana plants

Written by on 3 November, 2020

The plantations of cannabis require certain care to be able to obtain delicious flowers at the time of the harvest. According to it, one of the most relevant aspects that you must learn is to fertilize the growing.

For such a reason, in this occasion we will give you some basic advices that you can take into account so that you begin to fertilize your growing, without disadvantages. So continue reading.

1) Do not combine products

If you are a novice in the topic of growing, perhaps in some opportunity it has happened to you by the mind, while more nutrients, better it is going to be the plant. The nutrients are of extreme importance for the cannabis, you must be careful, because if you exceed for nutrients that you contribute to your plants, you can cause a series of disadvantages, very negative for your growing.

At the time of applying the fertilizer in your marijuana plantation, the ideal thing is not to mix diverse products of different marks, remembers that each one of them, can vary in proportion of nutrients, ingredients, among others.

However, in case you mix other products, it is essential to ensure that they are completely compatible.

2) Keep the pH under control

The absorption of nutrients can be difficult for several reasons, and one of them is an incorrect pH level of the water. That is why you should try to keep this aspect under control.

3) Watch your growing

It tries to observe your plants of cannabis, regularly, so that you can detect any deficit or excess of nutrients that appears to you at any time of the growing, because beyond your care, always some unforeseen one can happen.


Feed your cannabis plants taking into account the stage of life in which the cannabis is, the type of strain chosen, and the medium.






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