How to dry cannabis without hanging on a clothesline?

Written by on 14 November, 2022

After harvesting, drying marijuana is one of the steps you cannot skip during the growing of your plants. If you do this process correctly, you will notice the difference when smoking your buds.

You see, the development of drying and curing is very important to get a better taste and a better potency of your bud.

Generally one of the most common and simple ways to carry out this task is to hang the plants (whole or divided into branches) upside down, you can use a clothesline for this, but if you do not have one, how can you dry your weed without hanging? Precisely in this article we will tell you how.

Drying cannabis

As you may already know, the drying process is basically designed to decrease the moisture content of the freshly cut buds, but only to a certain extent as you should not overdo it and dry them too much.

As soon as you have manicured your buds you can start with the drying, if you prefer not to hang your flowers on a clothesline, you can opt for other alternatives, one of them is to use a drying net.

These nets are ideal especially if you have very little space. They usually come with several compartments that will allow you to place a large amount of fresh buds.

A drying net is a very simple and economical tool. Its perforated fabric allows excellent ventilation.

When placing your flowers, some growers recommend turning the buds every day for an even more uniform drying. This process will be ready in a few days, you will know that it is so, if when you bend the stems they break cleanly instead of bending.

To dry your Mary Jane properly, it is recommended to do this activity in a dark and ventilated room.



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