How to detect Copper deficiency in cannabis growing?

Written by on 26 July, 2020

While it is true that copper deficiency in marijuana growing is not very common, if it can occur, that is why you should know the symptoms before it happens, because for proper plant growth you need to have a balance of nutrients.

In this sense, if the copper deficiency is not corrected in time, it can be very negative for the harvest, since it can stop the maturation of the buds, among other things.


As mentioned above, as well as other nutrients copper is very important for the development of marijuana, therefore, you should be very aware of the symptoms that may occur in cases where there are deficiencies of this element. Some of the symptoms are:

– Symptoms of copper deficiency usually occur on new leaves of the plant, and these can vary from growing. However, it is important to take general care of the plant.

In some cases, you may notice that the leaves roll down.

– Cannabis leaves can also become dark, with blue or purple touches, and as the leaves become darker, the tips and margins of the leaves develop a bright yellow or white color.

– The foliage may become metallic and shiny.

– Young leaves and new shoots lose their shine and end up withering.

– Necrotic spots may appear on the leaves.  Look equally at the tips and edges of these, which tend to develop a necrosis and acquire a dark copper gray.

– Among other things, growth slows down, production decreases, the stems between the leaves shorten, and the flower color (bud) becomes lighter than normal.

– If the deficiency occurs once the plant has entered the flowering period, flower growth may be affected, and the buds may mature slowly or not at all.

Similarly, some strains may develop reddish or dark purple touches on the leaves closest to the growing lights.


We recommend that you go into detail on this subject so that you can choose the right solution because many growers tend to confuse copper deficiency with burns from excess fertilizers. By doing so, you will ensure that you give the plant the right help and avoid mistakes that could endanger your harvest.

Another thing is to be very careful with your growing so that you can spot any problems and act immediately if necessary.




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