How to correct the tangled roots in your cannabis plants

Written by on 18 May, 2020

Every cannabis grower should be vigilant in caring for his plants, because even if he has taken all the steps to grow them properly, he is not exempt from some inconvenience, and one of them might be that the roots get tangled, but why does this happen, and how can it be avoided? Well, keep reading this article to find out.

Roots are the base that sustains the water and nutrients to the whole plant, keeping them healthy is fundamental to guarantee the success of your harvest.

When you grow your plants outdoors, they have the freedom to spread their roots throughout the soil unlike when they are grow in pots where space is more limited.

Not having enough room for the roots to develop is one of the main reasons for their entanglement, a situation that can lead to growth problems for your plants.

Since we can’t observe the development of the roots underneath the soil, you may think that it is difficult to identify when the roots become entangled, but there are certain symptoms that you can observe to realize that something is wrong.

When the roots of your plants are tangled, certain problems begin to manifest themselves such as nutritional deficiencies; the leaves are spotted and have yellow tones. The buds are smaller than usual or grow slower and the plants look sick.

If your plants show these symptoms it is necessary that you check them, for this, you should take them out of the pot, when you do it be very careful not to damage the root system.

Once you have managed to remove the plant, you can start to untangle its roots with your fingers, if it becomes too difficult, you will have to prune it to be able to free it.

To prevent this situation, it is advisable that when you grow indoors you are attentive to transplant your strains into a larger pot, do these three weeks after the start of growing, this way you will guarantee more space for their development.

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