How to correct over-drying in my cannabis flowers?

Written by on 3 July, 2022

As you know, after the harvest there are several processes that you have to carry out in order finally enjoy your resinous buds.

Well, one of those tasks you have to do before smoking your Mary Jane is precisely drying your flowers.

It is essential to perform this activity successfully so as not to compromise the quality of your buds, but what happens if you overdo this process. How to correct it? Read on…

Excessive drying

If you did not dry your cannabis correctly, you will most likely end up with excessively dry flowers, which can cause terpenes to be lost, therefore, the aroma and flavor of your buds will change and likewise, they will not keep their trichomes well.

Another consequence that can occur is that your weed will break into pieces easily and burn too fast. Although not all is lost, you can add a little moisture to your flowers to improve their texture and flavor. However, they will not have the same quality as if you had dried them correctly from the beginning.

Manual rehydration

You can do this alternative. Use a moistened napkin on the lid of the jar where your Mary Jane is, this way you will be able to restore some of the moisture.

Be careful when performing this technique as it could provide too much moisture in a short time, and the last thing you want is for fungus to develop in your Mary Jane.

Humidity regulators

These are porous paper envelopes that contain a hydrogel that regulates the humidity of the environment, it is able to absorb or deliver water to the air as needed.

This is the best options you can implement, as it is very efficient. You can easily get them in growshops.



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