How to control the smell of cannabis from indoor growing

Written by on 5 September, 2020

If you are one of the growers who prefers to keep his indoor cannabis growing away from the curious, this post is the right one for you, because here we will give you 3 simple tips with which you will be able to control the smell that marijuana emits. This is one of the main factors, by which, the plantations of cannabis are less discreet.  In this sense, so that your indoor growing remains hidden, we recommend the following:

1) Choose the right variety

In the cannabic world, exist great variety strains of marijuana, which, count on diverse terpenes, responsible to provide its particular fragrance to him. If you want to have a space in which the smell of the mote is not so much perceived, you will have to choose varieties of cannabis with less strong aromatic profiles, this without a doubt, will make easier the work to maintain under control the aroma of the cannabis.  Among the varieties with soft aromas are the Northern Lights and the Durban Poison.

2) Ant-smell filter or carbon filter

This is an indispensable tool in indoor growing. The carbon filters are large and very resistant tubes that contain large amounts of carbon in its interior.

With carbon filters, air passes through, but unwanted fragrances do not, as they are trapped in the carbon. These filters are connected to the extraction system so that all the air extracted from the growing area passes through the filters before reaching the outside.

The carbon filters are available in various diameters, models and capacities, so you should be well informed about the type of filter you need according to the size of your growing area before buying one, because you should also make sure that your extractor and your filter fit and match in several aspects.

Also, investigate how these filters work and how they are used, so that you get good results. It is recommended to change the filters periodically.

3) Smell Neutralizers

Smell neutralizers as their name suggests, serve to neutralize the aroma of cannabis. They generally provide better results in small grow rooms. We recommend that you get good information about their application and operation so that you will not cause any inconvenience and will be effective. One of the most popular neutralizers is The Neutralizer Kit.

Final considerations:

Nowadays many products and devices allow cannabis growers to control the smells coming from the cannabis plantations. There are also growers who opt for homemade solutions, although many of these may not be very efficient.








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