How to choose the right variety of cannabis to grow

Written by on 16 September, 2020

Cultivating your own cannabis can offer you multiple advantages since you can control certain factors like the irrigation, ventilation, illumination, in others, necessary to obtain quality marijuana.

If you are just beginning in this world, you have to know that one of the main steps to begin with this rewarding activity is to choose the variety of cannabis indicated, for it, you will have to take into account certain aspects, stay with us and know some of them.

1- The available space of growing

Before choosing the strain of cannabis, that you will use in your plantation it is essential to define the place where you will place your plants.

Some growers have the luxury of a large greenhouse or open-air planting space, while others must adapt limited spaces, such as closets or indoor growing rooms.

Once you know how much space you have available, it’s best to choose a plant that’s the right size for those conditions, as existing cannabis strains can reach different sizes.

Sativa strains usually grow taller; some can reach up to 3 meters, while Indicas grow much less.

If you have a much-reduced space, the autoflowering plants are wonderful because they are much smaller and more compact than the previous ones.

2- Speed of growth

The speed with which you can get your growing is also an aspect to consider, especially if you are an impatient person.

Some cannabis strains are created to flower within a shorter period, while others take much longer.

If you want a fast growing, then plants with auto-flowering genetics are perfect for you, they take about 8 to 10 weeks from seed to harvest.

3- The effect, the taste and the aroma that you prefer

Choosing the right cannabis strain to grow will depend on the results you want to obtain. Fortunately, in the cannabis market there are many varieties of marijuana with different characteristics.

When selecting your cannabis, it is important that you define what effect you want, if you prefer to feel a euphoric high or a relaxing experience.

Some marijuana strains can have high or low THC levels, so it’s ideal to find out about the characteristics of the strain you plan to grow so you can be sure of your choice.

In addition, it is ideal that you inform yourself of the profile of terpenes of the plant that you want for your growing, since these give in the flavor and aroma to your cannabis.

There are strains with earthy, citrus, sweet, fruity smells and flavors, among others, select the one you like.

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