How to choose the best mother plants

Written by on 21 June, 2020

The mother plants are fantastic to guarantee the duplication of your favorite varieties, because they will allow you to get strains with the excellent characteristics of the original plant.


At this moment you might be wondering which plants are worthy of being called mother. In this post, we will give you 3 tips to know how you can choose the perfect mother plant:

1) Use regular seeds: most growers advise choosing mother plants from regular seeds because although feminized seeds are easier to handle, they are more likely to suffer from hermaphroditism.

2) First generation hybrids: the best thing to do when it comes to mother plants is to preserve those you have grown yourself. It is also advisable to use the first generation hybrids of a cross (F1).

3) Choose the best: when the donor plants have started to flower, pay close attention to each of their characteristics. The plant you choose will depend on your preferences. Generally, mother plants should be vigorous, strong, and robust, with exceptional aromas and of course, their performance is key.


Submit your mother plants to the same care as any marijuana plant and above all guarantee all the nutrients to grow vigorous.



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