How to avoid the appearance of grasshoppers in your growing marijuana plants

Written by on 1 June, 2021

Generally, outdoor marijuana growing is more prone to be invaded by various pests that eventually end up damaging your plantation.

One of those intruders that attack weed flowers are precisely grasshoppers, although they seem friendly and harmless, you have to know that these insects love to eat plants, including marijuana.

Take a look at this post, we will tell you some tips to avoid the appearance of grasshoppers in your plantation. Keep reading!

1- Watch out if you hear their chirping sounds

As you know, grasshoppers are very famous for the chirping they produce with their bodies, well, if you hear these sounds near your garden take action before they come to attack your girls.

2- Keep the soil free of weeds

Grasshoppers love any kind of weeds; therefore, to prevent these insects from taking over your plantation you need to keep the soil clean and free of weeds.

Some growers recommend plowing the soil in the months of October or November and repeating this during the spring, this way you can get rid of any possible eggs left by grasshoppers in the soil.

3- Check the leaves of your plants regularly

This advice applies to any type of pests, if you regularly check your plants you will notice in time if something is wrong.

One of the most common signs that will indicate that grasshoppers are present in your growing is when you notice some strange and irregular holes in the fan leaves of your cannabis flowers.

4- Plant companion growing

A simple way to keep grasshoppers away is by planting other types of growing near your weed, such as peas or cilantro.

You see, these insects can’t stand the smells of the aforementioned plants so if you place a few around your marijuana flowers they will stay away from your plantation.


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