How to avoid MOLD in our marijuana plant!

Written by on 15 April, 2020

You don’t know how to get rid of MOLD in your cannabis plant? Or how to control the humidity so that your plant does not suffer?

The following post will clear up any doubts you may have, and this way you will control the mold and moisture in your favorite plant.

Botrytis, or grey mold, is a fungal infection, it is harmful for many reasons. Not only because it attacks the precious buds, but also because the spores can infect the nearest flowers and, most importantly, because the symptoms are evident to the eye when the rot is in an advanced state.

The main factors that cause the arrival of this terrible fungus are the high temperatures or humidity in our crop, for this reason, you must control the humidity in your plant.


How to prevent MOLD in your plant?

– Control the humidity, for this, we will have to control that the humidity levels are kept low at all times. In this sense, another measure is to maintain a wide enough space between the plants in our crop, so that they are fresher in their growth.

– Hygiene, a fundamental factor, the cleanliness of our plants and cultivation tools and space where our plantation is located is key to avoid the appearance of the feared botrytis. It is recommended not only to sterilize the equipment whenever we use it, but also to clean the cultivation space, so as not to leave the organic or vegetable matter in a state of decomposition.

– Keep the plants in perfect condition, we must avoid at all costs that any of our plants have a wound, however small, that becomes the gateway for the arrival of this dreaded fungus. We must pay a lot of attention to the branches below, which can have a higher degree of humidity and be easy victims for botrytis.

– Excess watering, a weakness, with watering every precaution is insufficient. The first thing we must bear in mind is that it will always be more convenient to water in the morning since at the end of the day there is a greater chance of increasing humidity. Also control it in the last phase of flowering and do not water until it is dry. If we do not take these precautions, the buds can rot.

Now that you know the steps to prevent fungus on your plant, consider them for your cultivation and in this way, you will smoke the most delicious strains of your collection.

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