How to avoid growing small cannabis buds or popcorn

Written by on 29 November, 2020

In general, all grower of marijuana dreams to obtain abundant harvests full of big heads replete with resin.

After investing time, effort and money in its plantation of cannabis there is nothing more disappointing for a cannagrower, who to discover that their flowers will not produce that they hoped and their buds will be small.  To avoid that to happen to you, it follows with us and takes note of some advices.

Small buds or popcorn 

Small cannabis buds, also known as popcorn, are those underdeveloped, light and fluffy buds, commonly the size of a popcorn.

The reason why your marijuana plants produce this type of buds can be several; among them are lack of nutrients, bad irrigation, and inadequate temperatures, among others.

Tips to avoid growing small buds

1- Select a good strain

If you want to avoid growing small buds, choosing the right cannabis strain can be the first step.

Remember that all cannabis plants have particular characteristics, so depending on the variety you can get a specific taste, smell and yield.

Select seeds of quality and that genetically can offer you big heads. If you guarantee a suitable environment of growing the most sure thing is that, you harvest monstrous heads.

2- Guarantee the right lighting

Regardless of whether you grow indoors or outdoors, cannabis plants need enough light to grow successfully, so when it comes to avoiding small marijuana buds, this point is critical.

If you indoor growing, ideally place the lights at the right distance, this factor will depend on the type of lights you choose. If for example you have lights CFL these you can place them as near as possible to your plants, to about 10 cm of distance would be ideal.

Also, make sure you select the right lights for each phase of your flowers’ life cycle.

3- Apply training techniques at the right time

Training techniques can considerably improve the potential of your plantation, but if you do not apply them at the right time, you can end up harming the growth of your plants and their ability to produce large buds.






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