How to avoid dry marijuana leaves?

Written by on 14 October, 2021

There is nothing more satisfying for every marijuana grower than watching their beloved plants develop properly, but what happens when their leaves start to dry out?

In some cases dry cannabis leaves are normal, this is an indication, that some problem is going on. Look at this post and learn about the possible causes of dry leaves in your cannabis, and how to avoid them.

1- Old foliage

As we mentioned at the beginning, there are times when you should not worry about the dryness of your cannabis leaves, as it may be due to a natural process. Towards the end of the flowering stage, when harvest time approaches, it is normal for some of the leaves to dry out.

If you notice that this is the real cause, you can choose to take a pair of pruning shears and cut them off. Just make sure that it is the right time.

2- Excessive watering

Watering your plants regularly is indispensable, when you overdo it, it can cause problems in your plantation as nutritional deficiencies, the appearance of mold and fungus, and it can also cause your marijuana leaves to dry out and turn yellow and brittle.

If you are sure that the cause of dry leaves is due to over-watering, then water them less frequently. A so easy way to know when it is ideal to water again is to check the weight of the pot; if it is very light and the top layer of soil is completely dry, then it is the right time.

3- Pests

Regardless of whether you grow indoors or outdoors, you are not exempt from having your plantation invaded by pests.

If you don’t act in time, these pests can cause a lot of stress to the plant, so the leaves of your cannabis can dry out.

To combat these intruders, you can use neem oil, which serves as a natural repellent, when used correctly can be beneficial to plants. This is an organic and earth-friendly product.

You can also plant-associated crops such as basil, sunflower, or lavender to repel and distract harmful insects.

4- Mold

Mold also causes plant leaves to dry out. It usually appears when there is excessive watering or an environment with too much humidity. Keep your plants aired with fans, and try not to overwater.






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