How to apply the Lollipopping technique in your cannabis growing without die trying

Written by on 13 April, 2021

When it comes to choosing a technique to increase yields in marijuana growing, the lollipopping method is undoubtedly an option you should take into account.

As you may know, this method basically consists of cutting the lower areas of the plant that receive little or no light, so that the plant’s energy is concentrated on producing larger and more voluminous flowers or buds in the upper part where it does receive light.

Well, although this technique may seem a bit complicated to put into practice, do not worry, here we will give you 3 tips to carry it out successfully.

1- Know your strain well

Before carrying out this method, it is very important that you know well the characteristics of the strains you chose to plant. You will see that there are cannabis strains, such as autoflowering strains, that do not do well with this type of method.

2- Choose the right moment

To avoid making mistakes when applying this technique, it is essential that you do it at the right time. However, there are different opinions on this point.

Some growers recommend doing it before the flowering stage to give the plants time to recover from the stress caused by this technique. While others advise to do it in the second or third week of the flowering stage.

3- Maintain hygiene in your plantation

This advice will be very useful not only when you practice the lollipoping technique but also to carry it out during all stages of your plantation, this way you will prevent your girls from diseases, fungi and pests, so be sure to keep your tools and the environment clean.


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