How should I light a marijuana micro-growing space?

Written by on 22 April, 2022

Lighting is an essential element in any marijuana plantation. Therefore, when you grow indoors, you must acquire adequate lights or bulbs to meet this requirement.

Deciding on a lighting system among the many options on the market may seem complicated, as some types of lights are not ideal for all cases.

Micro growing, for example, you should be very attentive to the lamp you are going to buy because remember that the space in these plantations is much smaller, and there are bulbs that you should avoid. How should I light a micro-growing space?

In indoor growing, HPS lamps are often widely used for the high efficiency they have. However, they are not suitable for such small plantations because the heat they emit can affect your flowers.

CFL bulbs are more recommended for this type of growing because they do not heat up too much and are affordable. They are usually used during the vegetative stage. There are CFL lights that can be used in flowering, but some say that yields will be lower.

LED lights are other lamps recommended for installation in cannabis micro growing, as they have a broad light spectrum and generate little heat, downside is that the initial investment can be more expensive.




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